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When purchasing a home, what does it mean to get prequalified?

Getting prequalified for a home loan is an initial step in the mortgage process where a lender evaluates your financial situation and provides an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow. This typically involves a basic assessment of your income, assets, debts, and credit score. Prequalification gives you an idea of what price range of homes you can afford and can be helpful when you start house hunting. However, it’s important to note that prequalification is not a guarantee of a loan; it’s simply an initial evaluation based on the information provided. To obtain a prequalification, you usually don’t need to provide extensive documentation, and it’s a relatively quick and straightforward process.

What documents do you have to provide when getting a loan?

When applying for a mortgage loan, you typically need to provide various documents to the lender to verify your financial situation and ensure you meet the requirements for borrowing. These documents may include:

  1. Proof of income: This can include recent pay stubs, W-2 forms, or tax returns if you’re self-employed. Lenders want to verify your employment and income stability.
  2. Proof of assets: This may include bank statements, investment account statements, and documentation of any other assets you own, such as real estate or vehicles.
  3. Identification: You’ll need to provide a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your identity.
  4. Employment verification: Lenders may contact your employer directly to verify your employment status and income.
  5. Credit history: Lenders will obtain your credit report to assess your creditworthiness. You don’t need to provide this yourself, but you’ll need to authorize the lender to access it.
  6. Debt information: You may need to disclose any outstanding debts, such as credit card balances, auto loans, student loans, or other mortgages.
  7. Property information: If you’re refinancing or purchasing a property, you’ll need to provide details about the property, including its address and value.
  8. Additional documentation: Depending on your financial situation and the specific requirements of the lender, you may need to provide additional documentation. This could include divorce decrees, child support documentation, or explanations for any unusual financial transactions.

It’s essential to work closely with your lender and provide all requested documents promptly to ensure a smooth loan application process.

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Things to do in Cedar City, Utah

There’s always something fun and unique to do here. Find out what’s happening during your trip and don’t miss out on amazing activities like stargazing, live theater, bike races and, of course, our famous festivals.
Things Going on Around Cedar City Utah 2023.jpeg

Utah Shakespeare Festival 

A Tony Award-winning repertory theater experience with 8 plays performed annually in repertory in one grand outdoor theater and two indoor theaters. The Festival also offers a free nightly Greenshow performance. This year the festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary with an incredible line-up. 

Larry H. Miller Utah Summer Games

Every year the Utah Summer Games bring athletes, stunning fireworks, live music, and thousands of people to Cedar City. With competition ranging from archery and horseshoes to soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Cedar Breaks National Monument Wildflower Festival 

During this spectacular display visitors to Cedar Breaks will be able to see paintbrush and primrose, lupine and larkspur, and a spectrum of other flowers in the meadows, marshes, and woods around the rim of the natural amphitheater.

The July Jamboree Car Show

Classic cars, great food, music, and vendors… what more could we want from a street festival? The July Jamboree is a great opportunity to visit Historic Downtown and experience a classic Cedar City event.

Southern Utah Beer Fest

Held at Cedar City’s only locally owned nano-brewery, Policy Kings, this event has beverages from several Utah breweries, food trucks, vendors, live music, and more!

Simon Fest Theater Co

Their slogan speaks for itself: “We bring Broadway comedies and musicals to the West. Simple.” The Simon Fest Theater Company works to preserve and present the works of American contemporaries. You’re guaranteed to have fun with this year’s line-up of plays.

Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire 

Join in the games, crafts, entertainment, and excitement as the Cedar City Main Street Park is transported back in time for the Midsummer Renaissance Faire. This festival has called Cedar City its home for 30 years, calling visitors from far and wide to enjoy the festivities.

 No matter what you are looking for, Cedar City is the place to be for all summer festivals. The nickname festival city is clearly well deserved. and remember… for all Cedar City Real Estate Contact Us at any time!

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Discrimination is Illegal

We have many problems in society, discrimination shouldn’t be one of them. Discrimination is illegal and wrong. In 1968, congress passed a bill prohibiting people from refusing housing based on a protected class. Those providing housing can’t refuse housing on a protected classes. These include: race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, source of income, familial status, sexual orientation, or gender identity

Anyone providing housing, renting or selling, must be fair to all parties. We can not discriminate to individuals included in any of these classes.

Most property management companies or real estate professionals understand fair housing and avoid discrimination. We understand why and how to avoid discrimination because of our required education. We also experience opportunities to discriminate on a regular basis.

More than once, I’ve been showing investment properties to clients when I hear them say they can discriminate. One person said “I don’t want to rent to any polygamists”. Another person said “I don’t want to rent to anyone who is gay”. After explaining that these are forms of discrimination and violations of Fair Housing Act, I explained that it’s wrong and advised them of the Fair Housing Act. One person refused to hire me to manage their property. The other appreciated the education and said they wouldn’t discriminate.

Another client told me that owners who manage their own properties don’t have to follow the same rules. He said, “I can choose who I rent to. You can’t because you’re a professional.” If you are a property owner and represent yourself in your transactions, you must be knowledgeable of the Fair Housing Act. Just because you are unaware of the Fair Housing Act, doesn’t preclude you from committing a violation. Also, just because you don’t have a realtor license, doesn’t preclude you from the law. Consequences for anyone who has violated the Fair Housing Act can be serious. Penalties for can include $16,000 – $65,000 fines.

Experienced Discrimination?

Discrimination is illegal so when you experience discrimination, report it! Claims can be filed at U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. On the Utah Labor Commission website, it says you have up to 365 days to file a claim. “In most situations, a complaint must be filed within 365 days of the date of the discrimination. UALD will investigate claims that are filed within 180 days of the discrimination.”

Keep good records and note as soon as possible including dates, time, and details of the occurrence to help support your claim. File the claim as soon as possible after the violation.

I recently viewed this article by the History Channel. It is very insightful and I highly recommend. History Channel – Fair Housing Act.

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Kelsea Burton

Kelsea Burton is a Las Vegas native and has lived in Cedar City for almost six years with her husband and three boys. She has been involved with Stratum Real Estate for several years, starting as an assistant then later getting her Utah State realtor’s license in May 2018. Prior to real estate, she worked in customer service covering many different capacities since 1999. Her motto is “Real-Life Real Estate” highlighting her effort to simplify the process of buying or selling a home by taking a potentially daunting life step and turning it into a realistic and positive one. Kelsea realizes the general aspects of real estate can tend to be analytical in nature and her goals are to A: bring more attention to “feeling” with each client she deals with and B: make lifelong friendships with those clients in hopes they may become return-clients in the future. Kelsea also offers additional services such as home staging, interior design and “ready-to-list” consulting including listing photographs and videos. Outside of real estate, Kelsea is heavily involved with the performing arts community and enjoys singing, traveling and naps.

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226 N Pine Tree Way #D4, Brian Head, UT 84719 ~ Scott Bird

See the MLS here

Ski In/Ski out…the perfect getaway condo in Brian Head. Close to the top of Navajo Ski Run you can enjoy the day on the slopes, tubing hill, cross country skiing and then relax in front of the fireplace in the evening. Enjoy the views and scenery from the deck. Three bedrooms and the loft provide room for family and friends to enjoy beautiful Brian Head and surrounding areas.

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406 W Ridge View, Brian Head, UT 84719 ~ Scott Bird

See the MLS here

The perfect getaway cabin in Brian Head. Close to the top of Navajo Ski Run (Chair 4) you can enjoy the day on the slopes, tubing hill, cross country skiing and then relax in front of the fireplace in the evening. Enjoy the views and scenery from the two decks. Three bedrooms and the loft provide room for family and friends to enjoy beautiful Brian Head and surrounding areas. The basement 2-car garage has extra room for storing toys and ski gear.

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647 Cross Hollow, Cedar City, UT 84720 ~ Steve Nelson

See The MLS here

This is the perfect building for any party, event, or get together! The over 4,000 sqft building includes office space, a warming kitchen, storage room, a bridal room, bathrooms, and open event area! Features include high ceilings, acoustical panels to reduce echoing, wainscoting, amazing chandeliers, and a patio out back covered by an awning. The fully fenced backyard creates outdoor privacy and has lighting accents mixed into the landscaping, making it absolutely stunning. The flooring is stamped, sealed, and glazed concrete that is durable and low maintenance, yet elegant and fitting. There are so many other touches: can and wall-scone lighting, multiple sets of exterior double doors, a stone accented double-sided fireplace, exposed beams, and of course a sound system!

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Are You A Hero? By Paige Marsh

Are You A Hero? By Paige Marsh
Are you employed as a Firefighter, Military Personnel, Police Officer, Medical Professional, or Teacher? If so, you are one of the “Hero” professions, which qualify you for deep discounts that can be applied toward your closing costs. The Homes For Heroes program was started as a way for the real estate community to thank people who spend their daily tasks in hero capacities.

What this program can do for you is give you a monetary credit back to you at closing that can be used toward your closing costs whether you are buying or selling a home. Depending upon the sales price of the transaction, this can save you a few hundred or up to several thousand dollars.

This is a terrific program that is important to use if you are employed as one of these professions. To get more information or to sign up to use one of the Homes For Heroes Affiliate realtors, please visit

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Do you really know Brian Head?


Brian Head, Utah, is the most popular ski resort destination in Southern Utah. People come from all around the region to stay and play. Brian Head offers not only downhill skiing, but snow-shoeing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing in the winter months; and hiking, mountain biking, fishing, four-wheeling, and day trips to nearby Zions and Bryce Canyons during the summer months.

The town of Brian Head has approximately 118 permanent residents. However, on any given weekend that population could multiply exponentially depending on the time of year. Brian Head is home to hundreds of cabins, and countless condos. With the mecca of attractions that Brian Head offers, owning one of these pieces of real estate could be quite profitable.

Condo’s carry a smaller purchase cost than do cabins in the area, however they do come with monthly HOA fees that should be taken into account. The fee depends upon the community and the size of the condo. They range generally from the mid $200’s and can go up to the high $600 range. This can seem extremely steep, however, you can also rent these units out for anywhere between $80 – 250 a night depending on the time of year AND day of the week. Renting the unit a few days a month can potentially pay the HOA fee for you. Many people like to purchase these units with cash so the only payment they have to worry about is the HOA fee.

Cabins carry a much higher purchase price; however you do not have an HOA fee to contend with. You can also rent these properties for much more than you do a condo. Cabins rentals will run anywhere from $250 – $425 a night again depending upon the time of year. One of the biggest attractions for rentals is how many people the property can sleep, so the more beds you have available, the more traffic and activity you will have with your rental.

If you are interested in learning more about the potential benefits of owning a piece of Brian Head real estate, give me a call and I can get answers to your questions. Thanks! Paige

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If you are on the fence about whether to pursue buying or building a home this year, look to the current interest rates for your answer. From a recently published table sent to me by a lender friend of mine, the first quarter of 2015 has a current average rate of 3.72%, which is a whopping 3.5% lower than the 30 year average.


Looking at this rate versus the 5.87% interest rate from 2005 (remember when THAT was a good rate??), you can see why this is such a terrific time to lock in payments for a 30 year mortgage:

Purchase price of $200,000 with a 20% down payment:

Loan amt $160,000 at 3.72% P&I only: $739 per month
Loan amt $160,000 at 5.87% P&I only: $946 per month

You can see how that is a savings of over $200 a month. Would you rather pay $739 or $946 for the EXACT SAME HOUSE? This is a really good thing to consider right now as it has been projected by some financial analysts that the interest rate could increase to 5% by the end of 2015. If this does become the case, then you really could be faced with the scenario of deciding whether you want to pay $739 or $946 for the exact same house. The only factor that will determine getting the lower payment will be your timing. Purchase sooner and guarantee getting the better rate. If you wait, you could possibly be throwing a few extra thousand dollars away each year in interest charges. I can think of many different ways that I could better spend that extra money – like a family vacation!

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Great experience with Kelsea Burton

Kelsea helped us buy and sell our homes this summer. It was our first time selling so we had a million questions about the process and she answered them all with patience. Answered calls every time and always kept us updated. We got great deals on...

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Kelsea went above and beyond

Kelsea Burton went above and beyond to help us not only sell our home but also find our dream home! She handled any and all bumps in the road (that come with the process) with ease and because of that it was smooth sailing! (Or smooth selling! ;))...

Kylie Burton
Amazing Realtor

Kelsea is wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend her. She is sweet and knowledgeable and there when I need her.

Michelle Harrington
Thank you Shelby

Attn. Shelby Smith,

First, my son, Jim, and I wish to express our sincere gratitude for your counsel and information regarding inquiry of properties of the Cedar City area. We appreciated the personal friendliness and helpfulness of our vis...

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We recently sold our home with the help of Marilyn Teed. She made the process very easy for us. She went above and beyond anything we expected from a realtor. As we were busy getting settled in our new place, she took care of many incidental thing...

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Kelly Adams is an amazing Real Estate Agent. He is professional, trustworthy, patient, and extremely knowledgeable about housing options in the area. We were moving across country and he worked tirelessly with us. We ultimately felt very comfortab...

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Excellent Experience!

We bought our home with Jason Spencer and had an excellent experience! Jason was very helpful through the entire process! He was always available which was very helpful as we were moving from out of state. We would definitely recommend Jason and S...

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Kelly Adams

Kelly did a great job helping us purchase some real estate!
He was prompt with good follow through for our
questions and concerns.

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Steve Barnes answered all our questions

Steve Barnes was extremely instrumental in us finding and buying our home! We were moving across the country and only had a few days to find our forever home. Before we came out to look at homes Steve answered all our questions and would hunt down...

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Honest and hard-working

Kelly Adams has been an amazing realtor! He is honest and hard-working. I know he had several other clients while he was selling our house, but it felt like we were his only client. He was very attentive. He respected our privacy and gave plenty o...

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