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My First Week as a Real Estate Agent

Written by Paige Marsh

Why do many people get into the real estate industry? A few simple answers come to mind –  a short educational licensing course, a high earning potential, being your own boss – the list can be added to but these cover the main bullet points.

I personally did it for control. Being a real estate agent allowed me to gain control over elements of my life that a corporate job did not. But back to the topic – I have heard many people belittle the real estate profession saying that realtors get huge commission checks but don’t do anything. I am here to give you a glance into how “little” real estate agents do.

Over the course of 4 days time, I have put just under 150 miles on my car. I have trudged in high heels through the weedy, stickered yards of about a dozen properties. I have climbed a loose dirt hill to get a higher viewpoint to look at the top of a shed roof. I have gone on a search looking for evidence of attic space or crawl space. I have submitted offers. I have shown properties for my teammate Scott when he was not available. I have had my heart stop when showing a client a garage only to turn around and find his wife had climbed onto the home rooftop to inspect it for any damage. (That personally was my favorite!) This is just a handful of the tasks required of me from this job this week.

I have also met about 2 dozen new people that I had not previously had any contact with. I have spent each day doing both desk work and being allowed to be outside in the fresh air – where my heart lives. I have been supported by an amazing group of co-workers that don’t compete with each other but rather lend a helping hand when it’s needed. Needless to say, this first week of being an agent has been nothing but another adventure to add to my checklist of “Things Accomplished” and I look forward to seeing what next week brings!

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Paige Marsh was the best real estate agent I have ever worked with and I have worked with at least 15 agents in the past 20 years on residential or commercial sales or leases. I work in Sales for a landscape company and I understand what it takes ...

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