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Most Important Room in the House–the Kitchen!

Written by June Holder

Planning to sell your home?  One of the most important rooms to upgrade or improve is the kitchen.  It seems to be that the kitchen is a center of congregation for the family and also “where there is food”, we all want to be there!  When the kitchen is appealing to buyers, it most certainly helps in the sale.

If the kitchen is near the entrance of the house, it has all eyes upon it at first glance.  Planning to upgrade a little gives the seller the ability to capitalize on the changes made; a little paint, new faucets, new pulls, and upgrade in appliances can go a long way.  It is a great idea to visit homes around your neighborhood that are for sale, in order to see how much of an upgrade you may want to take on.  A project can turn into much more money to complete than first anticipated; I have to say that has happened to me many times.

Here are some steps to take to get ready for that:
o Get with your realtor and see what similar homes in your area are selling for in comparison to yours.
o Look in magazines or online for different ideas on what will work for you in your budget for any changes you want to make.
o Find out from a contractor, or check supplies if you are planning to “Do It Yourself”; what the bottom line price will be to do the upgrading.
o Make sure you don’t out-price your market; investing too much money in a project that cannot give a return when the house is sold.
o Have your realtor or someone who has experience in the market to help you see your options.

This is a great time to do upgrades and fix-ups; when the time is right for you to list your home, you will be ready.  No time like the present to get things started–Good Luck!!

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